We ventured up the road from Dewey to check in on our friends at Bethany Blues in Lewes for there NFL kick off Party.  ...

Dan Ryan from Dogfish joins us and As Tony is away Maddie sits in. We talk beer (of course), life at the beach and the potential

Not many humans in this world enjoy small talk. If you find a human out there who do check them for batteries because there is

  Kickin off season 3 with some great stunts fro Producer Madness Also getting over PTSD from the reaper challenge to try some Bloodys at The

Natalee DeHart, social media correspondent joins Todd and Tony at Bethany Blues to talk about the local beach scene. Todd DeHart and Tony Russo interview

In this week’s fiery episode of Dewey Raw, we took a little field trip to OCMD to attend Seacrets Bloody Mary competition. It is safe

Backshore Brewing Co. brewer Mathew Shockley joins Todd and Tony to talk about going from teaching to brewing, what it's like to make beer just feet away from the sand, and how he balances what people...

They say April showers bring May flowers in reality we hope cold winters bring us warm summers. As the citizens of Dewey continue with another

We do a lot of work up in Dewey and it’s always great to meet yet another person behind the scenes that make that place the

This week we had our pen and ink correspondent Stephanie Fowler on the show and Tony had his first ever bourbon crush. The three of

On this week’s Happy Hour Todcast we break in a new spot, for recording the Todcast anyway, and sit down for a beer with GM

This weeks episode contains what we like to call the “morning after” effect. Prior to this annual event, the Town of Dewey had pulled themselves

This week, Stephanie L. Fowler talks about her recent story in the Maryland Writers’ Association lit mag and what it’s like to help people get

The weather wasn’t just unkind to people, phones had a tough go of it as well and, as the area’s only Certified Apple tech, Todcast

New OceanCity.com editor Kristin Helf talks about her vision for the area's most popular website and what it is like writing about the beach in the winter....

This week, Todd and Tony talk about the growing number of “better” restaurants in Ocean City and what it would take for Ocean City to

On this week’s show we’re joined by surprise guest, Joe Reinhart. Not only did we surprise Joe by having him on, but he surprised us

Mat Shockley and Nate Todd brew bear on the Boardwalk. People pay them to do this. It seems as if it might be a little

This week We’re joined by Uncle Jon Conley, our beard correspondent and creator of Uncle Jon’s Soaps, to talk about the anger the comes with

This week beer correspondent Jack Schacter joins Todd and Tony to talk about how the seasonal slowdown is a great time to get back out

Ha, the season is winding down but good things are happening all through the off season in fact with fewer crowds and great weather every

On this weeks episode, we change things up just a bit and interview one of the day drinking instigators Danny Robinson, creator, and brewer of

Last episode we got cultured and talked about some art, this week we decided to build on that and found out about peoples background and

This week we have a super sized show with our guest Leah Beach, who you might know from Gary’s or painting the chalk boards at the Starboard

The last two months have been crazy for us over here at GCFL between Running of the Bull, the LLS Gala,  a wedding,  a bachelor

To say that the starboard opening weekend is popular is an understatement.  In fact, it’s so popular that other businesses in this world famous little

Although alcohol doesn’t tend to make people want to follow rules, it does somehow make people want to create them. As a culture, we kind

For the better part of 5 years Todd DeHart and Tony Russo have been podcasting on the eastern shore. Talking about life in Ocean City

Changing things up just a bit for Dewey Raw this episode and Todd heads up to Crooked Hammock in Lewes to take part in the

Welcome to the party podcast of Dewey Beach. On today’s show we have some interviews some conservations and some New Year’s Day predictions coming to

As the closing weekend at the Starboard is wrapping up, the staff is making plans for the future. Some are taking new jobs, some are

Tis the season for weddings.  Although The Starboard is better known for the starting of romances and the final hurrah of a bachelors/bachelorette party.  We

Whether you call it the second season, shoulder season, or football season… it is now upon us.  We to have decided to keep up the

This week on Dewey Raw we celebrated the end of summer and Labor Day weekend with a train wreck of a show.  The plan to

Of all the ills in the world, all the offensive things out there on the interwebs, this is probably the weakest attempt to be edgy/thought

Changing some things up a little bit, Todd and Elliot got together on a Wed night to record the latest episode or Dewey Raw.  The

Halfway through summer and its been a great one for Dewey Beach.  When we started this show, the idea was and still is to get

A long standing tradition of eating as many of the hottest wings you can in 30 minutes continued this past weekend in Dewey Beach at

It seems that six episodes in the crew has abandoned any thoughts of having an organized structured show.  Although that may be the goal these

Todd and I have been podcasting since before it really was a thing. We’ve gone through a bunch of iterations, but nearly every week, for

Doing a Podcast the same day as the Running of the Bull in Dewey Beach Delaware was a great idea, right , right?!? Well we

Todd has always had the idea to record a live show from the Starboard, with the opening of Starboard Raw across the street in made

I know that I have it pretty good.  I get to make fun videos and have a great time doing it.  Whether its sharing champagne

Remember G.I.G.O.? No, that’s Gigli (but, I guess, also G.I.G.O.). G.I.G.O. was a concept used back when we were willing to spend money to tech kids how

If you will look to your left, you will see a logo provided by one of the largest companies in the world. So what can

As Todd and I continue to find our feet on the Google Hangout aspect of the Todcast, we’re trying to keep viewers interested by throwing

Before we get started, it is very important you know that “Signs” by Five Man Electrical Band is one of the worst of the Hippie-Pop

What is that horrifying photo, you ask? That is yours truly participating in this new, deproved Todcast, broadcasting live on Google Hangouts. Because Todd and

It’s not my anniversary, per se, but I’ll tell you a little secret. I’ve got Todd breathing down my neck for a show blog and

In this week’s Todcast, we talk muskrat, country music, and because it’s the law, the Oscars. The good folks at Good Clean Fun Life, are

In this week’s Todcast Todd reports on his regional travels including the Frozen Harbor Music Festival (formerly Pirate Rob’s Birthday Party) and joining the Blue

We attended the Winter Gala in Dewey Beach, which is put on to raise funds for the Police and Beach patrol that keep a watchful

This week Todcast Tony and I discuss the trials and tribulations of a weekend long, stay-at-home dad.  We don’t do much for ordering out of

An appeal to the lowest common denominator is something meant derisively, as if they’re better than the people to whom the appeal is made. But,

We got the chance to wax a little philosophical on this week’s Todcast. It stemmed from a discussion of the unreality we can sometimes attribute

In this week’s show we get the opportunity to interview Donnie Landis (pictured right) who’s coming to town this week to perform in the Lone

In this week’s show we have Todd’s account of New Year’s Even in Berlin. It was the event we’ve all come to expect, he said,

On this week’s episode, we traveled to the Berlin, Maryland home of Domestic Goddess Natalie DeHart, to talk about holiday parties. Rather than conduct a

On the advice of Mindie Burgoyne from last week’s show, Todd treated himself to shopping and lunch at the Washington Street Inn in Easton rather

On this week’s show Mindie Burgoyne talks Small Business Saturday as well as how small businesses can take advantage of Cyber Monday. Small Business Saturday is

This week on the Todcast, we talk international and local visitors and how to address them, recap a week of GCFL shenanigans and announce the

The notion of establishing (or at least pretending to want to establish) a tourism police force first captured my imagination this summer, when I discovered

The Most Dangerous Game What’s better than getting something in the mail? Getting something pointless and horribly sublime or sublimely horrible in the mail. In

After an introduction (or, rather as part of the introduction) of the new Todcast format, we talked a bit about good versus bad ghost tours. An

Synopsis: (BLOG) The thing about customs, is, they’re not just arbitrary rules, they are things that have worked the best for the people who have

Listen Here Synopsis: In this week’s Tourist Trap segment, we discuss the impossibility of having an “authentic locals experience.” The problem is, the “authentic locals

LISTEN HERE Synopsis: In this week’s Todcast we learn the secret behind Tony’s fashion choices, how to shoplift a movie and the best winter jobs

One of my favorite remnants from philosophy 101 is that a person can’t knowingly do something they believe to be wrong. The short version of

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN Synopsis: In this week’s episode, we mostly talk about how bitter I am that the newspaper business is run by cowards.

Several weeks ago, I was in a New Jersey bar with Keith, Bobby and Michael. My best friend and two of my brothers, respectively. The

Todcast Ep 127  Synopsis: With help from special guest Rich Liebig, of The Crispy Noodle podcast, in this week’s Todcast we discard the phrase “Girly

The Todcast has always been a kind of an experiment between the written and spoken word. Each week, Tony writes a long blog to coincide

THIS WEEKS TODCAST I am not a “one up” guy during conversations, although to listen to me you wouldn’t know it. I have a billion

Burley Oak Brewery owner Bryan Brushmiller has been known to say, “The only thing keeping us from greatness is goodness.” His central point is that, often when

It takes zero creative energy to hate on Salisbury, Maryland. Excruciatingly selfish city planning and nearly-criminal short-sightedness has turned it into a patchwork of strip

I have an ongoing and secret feud with the television at the YMCA. If I am alone in the locker room, or notice no one

The photo accompanying this post is of the most intellectually esoteric item Wal*Mart sells. As I started this Todcast blog, I meant to mock the

  On the day after Fathers Day I had the pleasure to have a interview with one of the fathers of skateboarding Chris Miller.  Interestingly

It was a rainy night in Delmar, and I took shelter away from the doors of the Walgreens, waiting for my ride. There is a

Local business owners tend to fall pretty strictly into two categories: entrepreneurs who are building something and businesspersons who feel they are owed something for

When “Verified” badges became available on Twitter I signed up for one.  I just thought it was something one was supposed to do, to provide

I don’t know whether it is true that you’re only as old as you feel. I always feel the age I am, so maybe I’m

I don’t watch much TV. In fact, I was a cord cutter before the Internet was in most homes. I hate paying for cable because

In case you’re not familiar, “the Uncanny Valley,” was coined to describe a robotics phenomenon. Scientists discovered the more accurately a robot was rendered, the

In the ongoing debate about nostalgia’s value, I fall pretty decisively on the nostalgia-is-horrible side. In the ongoing debate about the objectification of women, I

I think Tony is mad at me, the Todcast is after all Tony’s baby and although it is my name sake and I often make claims of

The title of this week’s Todcast and accompanying blog was, in a way, lifted from the headlines of last week’s Dispatch. I have an odd

Earlier this week, a celebrity chef complained there was such a thing as the “Top 50 Women Chefs” and a friend of mine solicited comments

I love monster nightmares. I am a grownup, overweight white male with a little beard. There is nothing in my real life of which I’m

It is, at this point, almost beyond trite to make fun of politicians. Also, it is getting a little exhausting to defend or indict the press. Simply

The 110th episode of the Todcast was recorded last night and will be out this Friday. Thanks to the few that joined us for a great craft

It is not new or interesting to say the newspaper business is changing, but as a news ex-pat I’m less worried than most about it. The fact

This was my last week at the Star Democrat and, although I’ll miss my colleagues, I really left the news business just in the nick of

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a guest on the Todcast, so it was a pleasure to welcome Mathew Shockley of PLB Comics this week. Mat

Earlier this week rapper 2 Chainz was arrested for paraphernalia possession in Easton, the town where I work. The car he was driving was pulled

By Tony Russo If it had political goals, we could easily call reality television terrorism. But since it has neither goal nor point, we’ll go

Recently a colleague asked me a seemingly hypothetical question: Why do people think that X is a Y? (The content of the question isn’t the

by Tony Russo For those of you who might have missed this week’s Todcast (posted below as always) a brief summary: In his article about

by: Tony Russo The hardest part of being me is I’m so easily offended, I’m running out of things to boycott, which kinda takes me

By Tony Russo A less-preachy version of what follows can be found as part of the Big Picture segment of the Todcast. If we’re going

In the movie “The Princess Bride,” master criminal Vizini’s repeated response to the overwhelming evidence he may be facing a superior foe is to shout

The title of this week’s show was chosen because the Berlin, (Maryland) town council put the kibosh on an open container law they passed last

by Tony Russo This week’s “Big Picture” was supposed to be anti-advertising but I’m two days past deadline and, frankly, I don’t have it in

When I was on the old-people-in-politics beat for the Bayside Gazette, I had to cover a quarterly Town Hall meeting held by a member of

Now I don’t wanna get all preachy, {{1}}[[1]]Of course I do.[[1]] but the faux outrage over the Christmas Creep is embarrassing even for Americans. Just

A new feature on the Todcast, “The Big Picture” is our newest foray into multi-media — an essay to accompany the Todcast. Comment below or

By Tony Russo Although I’d rather watch a movie about it than have it happen to me, there is something to be said for the

There is no question that the Internet makes things move faster, but its selectivity is what we’re here to speak about today. For instance, the

Lets face it, I am just the pretty face of the Todcast, even thou you cant see me unless you watch the live recording. The

by Tony Russo I got a letter from Chuck Norris yesterday. It wasn’t addressed to me but rather was sent on his behalf by a

Tony normally writes the post to go with the todcast, but this week was his birthday.  As we all know he loves to hear himself

Although it is only a small part of a Todcast that included an analysis of tweakers and an extended, enjoyable state of the beer, I

by Tony Russo To hear Bryan Brushmiller tell it, there is more to running a brewery than siting round drinking. Being the show sponsor, he

by Tony Russo I may have quit smoking tobacco. I say “may” because quitting is always dicey. If I have quit, though, it’s because I

By Tony Russo People often ask me, “Tony, what is the secret to your ignorance? How can you be a functioning, mostly lucid adult with

Posted on September 6, 2012 by Tony Russo While some might say I can be a perfect ass, it is not a title I take

By Tony Russo When I’m not saying horrible things on the Internet, I’m a newspaper reporter. This is only a marginally important fact. In my

Posted  by Tony Russo It is my responsibility to edit the Todcast each week, paring it back to something close to 20 minutes. This week’s

by: Tony Russo Right here is EVERYTHING you need to know about Ocean City. Enough cash to buy a full page ad because they hate

So for those of you who are as ignorant as I, there’s a singer called G-Love (pronounced “Gee” “love”) and he’s pretty famous. Since I

Or as the Chinese Say.. Remember that time you drove to New Jersey to see where “Clerks” was filmed? Or that awesome road trip you

The Berlin Bathtub Races were improved upon this year by several minor tweaks to the program, the most interesting of which was the adoption of

On this week’s Todcast, we have a special sneak preview of the upcoming Berlin Bathtub Races which have gotten significantly cooler over the past year.

This week Todd had to learn the hard lesson that I’m a member of the zombie-obsessed. To be honest and fair, I’m a zombie enthusiast

by: Tony Russo In the 80s there was a movie called Johnny Dangerously. One of the subplots (OK, the movie had running jokes more than

The reason he sometimes find headlines amusing is that they look as if they’re sentences but they are not. Headlines are written for people who

Every week my partner, Tony Russo, and I do our Todcast.  Every week Tony is the driving force behind the recording, editing and posting an

By Tony Russo Todd DeHart, my co-host, likes to joke that doing the weekly Todcast is the most regularly he’s participated in a project since

At the risk of appearing as if I’m tagging up on the Avengers phenomenon (I’m not) I think it is appropriate to compare the Cruisers

By Tony Russo I probably caught the luckiest break in my career mistake-wise last week and want to show a little gratitude over it. For

Four More Years Four years makes a much larger cultural difference than one might expect, as we found out during this week’s Todcast. Although I’m

I returned this week to covering the County Commissioners, which isn’t as thrilling as it sounds, but the upside was that I got to spend

by Tony Russo We’ve added a new feature to the Todcast as an enticement for any of you would like to tune to the live

By Tony Russo It is with more than a vague sense of irony that I am rewriting this column. The short version is that I

By Tony Russo So although I am a married man, I understand (barely) that this is called housekeeping: We moved where we are on iTunes.

Podcast Powered By Podbean Bill Todd and Big Al Reno get back together to catch up once again after a small break and shoot the

By Tony Russo It came to my attention this week that the term “Guinea Tee” is not as widely used as one might think. In

by: Tony Russo This was a good news/bad news kind of week. We shared a lot of cool stories and interesting insights and then I

By Tony Russo A few weeks ago, Todd DeHart and I decided not to worry too much bout getting guests. We didn’t strictly ban the