Episode 135 Lord of the Travelers


This week on the Todcast, we talk international and local visitors and how to address them, recap a week of GCFL shenanigans and announce the first winer of out Welcome Police Handbook contest.

Special Guest

Sara Sabia of the Harrison Group, recent winner of the New Tourism Professional of the Year in Maryland. Sara is responsible for bringing or helping to bring conventions to town spoke about the tourism stigma. Albeit for different reasons, she too is looking for a better way to talk about tourists and tourism. Tourism, she says, is really jargon connoting the wooing and counting of visitors to an area. She would like to have a better word. “Pawesome” is out, not only because we attract people form all over the world, but also, it sounds like “possum” if you’re not from New Jersey.

Featured Event

The Festival of Lights opens Friday, Nov. 21 at it is, if not an international draw, certainly a regional one. Todd and I can’t figure out why for the life of us, but he has promised to go and find out. For my part, I went a few years ago. If it is cold enough it can be a lot of fun, especially if you bring kids or acid. The Todcast officially recommends you do not have both at the event.

ToddMan Out (recap)

Todd was present at the inaugural Underground Foxtrot in Berlin, which is so secret I’m forbidden to write about it, but you can check out a photographic account here. If you want to participate, you’ll have to listen to the show and take noted.

Todd also was at the Starboard closing party, an annual and (apparently) epic event. As it turns out, the Starboard is famous for its Bloody Marys, the traditional hangover cure. What makes the party so much fun, as I understand it, is everyone shows up early and hung over. To be fair, I might have that part a little bit wrong. Also, there was entertainment by Laura Lea & TrippFabulous, whom Todd assured me are the Black Crows of beach cover bands.

Ticking Clock

If you are reading this and it is not yet 8 p.m. Friday, November 15, you can still make it to 3rd Friday in Salisbury, where in addition to the Christmas tree lighting, the regular festivities including venders and art shows will be going on both in the Downtown Plaza and in several of the public buildings.

Toddman Out

Todd’s calendar is a little light over the coming weeks, so feel free to invite him to dinner or to ask him to help you move. The Gentleman’s Club is slated for November 22 if you wanna take a day to look good and feel better.

And the winner is…

Chuck Cook is the first winner of the Welcome Police Handbook with his suggested entry: No Ed Hardy t-shirts unless you happen to be Ed Hardy. He will receive a vintage Green Hill Country Club swizzle stick in the mail.