Gentlemans Club – Happy Hour Todcast

Lets face it, I am just the pretty face of the Todcast, even thou you cant see me unless you watch the live recording. The todcast bears my name and and is features on my site, but the real work is done by Tony Russo. He has kept us focused, consistent, edited, timely, and a feature driven podcast that rivals any other highly produced podcast out there.

Our content is mostly hyper local but the back and forth gives the listener in any market something to enjoy. We keep it tight to a very listenable 25 to 30 min. We turn it around in a day and feature a flowery and witty write up every Thursday.  Because Tony and I are pretty different and really ony see or talk to each other while we are recording, we avoid the trap of creating a show that is exclusive to the participants recording.  You have to be very witty to be able to pull that off.

this week I offer the Non-example of why we are so good together.  Tony was “on assignment ”  and I was left to carry the show.  Since i do absolutely no prep for the show i put a half hearted effort into finding a guest co host.  I landed with my friend Jeremy, he was easy to select for two reasons he was willing and he was already at the brewery at the time of the recording.  ( I am a lazy SOB)

What we have now is a good 30 min us talking about the pitfalls of bachelor parties and the introduction of a new Club idea that’s concepts are borrowed from a more traditional time.