Happy Hour Todcast Episode 126

The Todcast has always been a kind of an experiment between the written and spoken word. Each week, Tony writes a long blog to coincide with the Todcast’s theme. This week, we’ve added a new twist. Welcome to the new Todcast show notes.

Show notes are the highlights of the show with links to the various events we promote on it. Tony will still do a blog. This is for people who either can’t get enough of his writing (Hi Mom!) as well as people who just wanna hit the Todcast highlights without dealing with Tony’s pretentious, pseudophilsophical meanderings.

Regret the Error

In last week’s Todcast blog, Tony made it sound as if it were preferable to come across as the strong and silent type. What he meant to say was there’s a difference between sharing a story and making every conversation about you. We regret the error. 

Todd’s Two Cents

Todd recounts his monthly Gentleman’s Club experience and discusses his first trip to a proper cocktail lounge, the Sidebar in Silver Spring.

State of the Beer

In the State of the Beer, Bryan Brushmiller gives a shout out to his friends from O.C. Wasabi who came out to help him bottle the new “SummaRye” which is also now available in the taproom. Bulletproof Tiger is back. It’s Burley Oak lighter (meaning its only 7-percent and change) and the flavor comes out in a big way.

We also discussed the possibility of a Burley mead before too long, the soon-to-be-released sour beers, and the homoeroticism of mic sharing.

Another change to the format, instead of doing a weekend preview, we now bring you the Seven Days of #Todmanout, a Todcast to Todcast list of the not-to-be-missed events of the week.

Listen to the podcast Here