On this week’s Todcast, we have a special sneak preview of the upcoming Berlin Bathtub Races which have gotten significantly cooler over the past year. It was a dying event until Olive Mawyer saved it from itself by moving it from noon Sunday to Friday afternoon. I can’t remember what time but you have the same Google I do so ask the Internet if you’re interested.

We had a bunch of news coverage this week and as part of the research I invented a game/regular segment: Tongue Twister Headlines. Each week that I remember to I will select a headline from the week’s news and turn it into a tongue twister.

This week, we talked about Ocean City having trouble getting farmers to take the town’s sewer sludge. Farmers don’t use all the sludge they produce, which is a problem. Also, I’m boring myself as I write this.

The headline was “Sowers slow to shovel Ocean City’s Shit”.

Play along if you like by submitting suggested headlines to

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