Foursquare Confrontation – Happy Hour #todcast

by Tony Russo

We’ve added a new feature to the Todcast as an enticement for any of you would like to tune to the live stream, interactive video simulcast: pure horror.

It may be difficult to believe, but I do a significant amount of self-censoring during the recording out of respect for the fact that once completed I have to go back and edit out anything that is irresponsible or not, strictly speaking, for publication. In order to reduce the number of edits my co-host Todd Dehart and I usually have a brief conversation before we go on, wherein I tell him the things I won’t be saying.

This week, we had that conversation as Todd was setting up the live stream and it occurred to us that if anyone tuned in early, they would have gotten to hear it. So anyone looking to sue me for libel now has an excellent place to gather evidence — at 5:45 p.m. Tuesdays.

One of the things that Todd does in what apparently counts as his spare time is host a radio show Saturday nights. This week we heard the story about how he and Mark Huey — graphic designer at the Bayside Gazette — came up with what they’re calling Foursquare Confrontation. Foursquare is a social networking application that lets users see what other users are in a given place at a given time. Mark and I use it competitively.

Their game, then, would have Mark lurking around Seacrets trying to match people who have “checked-in” on Foursquare with the faces in the crowd. When he finds someone they have the opportunity to come into the station and be interviewed.

For those of you who invest, I predict that companies that print restraining order forms are going to have a very good fourth quarter.

In the news, mostly we discussed Jeffrey Auxer (Page 10 in this week’s Bayside Gazette) in ways not covered in the article. Also, and for what its worth to all you philanthropic ping-pongers out there, a tournament benefitting the Stephen Falck Foundation is slated for next Wednesday evening at Burley Oak. If you don’t know about Stephen and his foundation, check them out on the Web: