Dewey Raw Ep 11 “These newscasters are over prepared”

Of all the ills in the world, all the offensive things out there on the interwebs, this is probably the weakest attempt to be edgy/thought provoking or substantive.  Oh well, Elliot and Todd are silly and mildly entertaining and between their recapping of events around Dewey Beach and talking about how awesome Elliot is you might get some nuggets of information.  For instance this time you can see the amazing turn out for the Chicken Eds benefit.  The reputation of this small party town once again proves that you can have fun and be a better community than most.

We also stop Mike Reilly, co-owner of the Dewey Beer Company from returning to work to find out what he has going on for fall beers like a pumpkin sour which sounds like a welcome diversion from the typical, as well as an Octoberfest to add to the 9 to 10 beers they have on tap.

If you listen all the way till the end you’ll get the most painfully unsure geography lesson of the great state of Delaware