Dewey Raw Ep 19 “Opening Weekend”

To say that the starboard opening weekend is popular is an understatement.  In fact, it’s so popular that other businesses in this world famous little beach town have to open to accommodate all of the Dewey faithful.  Interestingly long gone are the days when the Starboard and the town shut down completely.  Sure the main bar and dining room close down but the covered deck is still packed on Thursday nights with starboard faithful enjoying Bingo.  And with the addition of  Starboard Raw across the street, as well as Woody’s, you can find a solid meal and of course cocktail almost any day of any month.

But let’s be clear, this in no way has watered down the appetites for four days of debauchery immediately following the most renowned drinking holiday St. Partrick’s Day.  The Dewey Beach faithful are a very special breed and the staff that serves them are some of the best in the business.

So what better time than the Sunday of opening weekend to record our little behind the scenes party podcast and talk to some of bartenders and patrons.  Take a listen to the uncut interviews or watch the highlights but make sure you are prepared for the next time you’re in Dewey.