Dewey Raw Ep 10 – A Very Special Birthday

Changing some things up a little bit, Todd and Elliot got together on a Wed night to record the latest episode or Dewey Raw.  The reason was said to be to get a fresh perspective but it was that as much as it was because Todd was hungover from his taco and tequila birthday fiesta.
It was the Starboards Todd’s birthday at the time of recording so it only made sense to interview him while he was working. Everyone is good at fielding questions while trying to serve people especially Todd.  
It being a Wednesday in summertime of course LauraLea and Trippfabulous were playing .  We grabbed Nate from the band and had a brief but very profound talk.  We pretty much laid out a plan for peace in the world.  Unfortunately Todd pulled a bonehead move and messed up the audio of the conversation. Luckily we got plenty of footage from the performance so we dropped that in in place of our global help audio.  
Take a look and a listen.