Episode 139: The first year of the rest of your life

In this week’s show we have Todd’s account of New Year’s Even in Berlin. It was the event we’ve all come to expect, he said, fun for all ages and the like, but it was significantly smaller than Salisbury’s. This surprises no one, but the question we deal with in the Todcast is whether it matters and why (no and because).

We also cover the notion of a year in review, which is tricky for anyone who’s trying to be relevant without being cliche. The folks here at GCFL put together a video┬áthat’s as much a sizzle reel for 2013 as it is a retrospective. One of the YIR quirks we discuss is this good riddance notion that tends to develop around the departing year. Why anyone would bother hating a year, as if it were the year’s fault for passing without letting you get anything done, I’ll never know.

Todd and I deal with the arbitrary nature and annual blame in different ways. He, for example, has developed a disdain for the resolution process. I have a more solipsistic solution.

Finally, we preview the weekend which is to include a Skribe show and other 2nd Friday Art Stroll events.