Blogcast – The Todcast That Wasn’t

By Tony Russo

I probably caught the luckiest break in my career mistake-wise last week and want to show a
little gratitude over it. For reasons that are long and boring I ran the wrong SDHS Honor Roll.
The short version is that I neglected to put the new names on the old form.

While occasionally I’ll have a typo slip through getting a fact wrong isn’t something that
happens to me a lot. When I discovered that I got three pages worth of facts wrong last week I
wanted to crawl into a hole. Fortunately — and we spend quite some time speaking about this
on last week’s Todcast — some of our competitors came to my rescue with a some bad cut and
paste luck of their own.

As I’ve been told before it’s bad form to get explicit in the paper but if you don’t know what I’m
talking about, thank you for reading the Bayside Gazette exclusively. And sorry (again) for the
Honor Roll thing. I feel as if I want to say a was bullied into running last year’s, but that would
be in poor taste.

Todd DeHart, my co-host also surprised me with a guest this week. Jim Solomon, along with his
son and a bunch of their friends is organizing a festival of a sort at the Ocean Pines Skate Park
this week. They will have bands and hot dogs and skating. He told me more but frankly I get
eye-glazey talking about skateboarding.

Todd has the totally opposite amount of interest in skateboarding and he conducted a scintillating
interview with Solomon as I sat slack jawed.

Finally and finally, although Todd and I will continue to produce the show each week, this will
be my last column for the Bayside Gazette, so I won’t be able to make up words like eye-glazey
that confuses people who’ve lost track of my coinage-to-typo ratio. That’s the downside. The
upside is that I will keep in touch with the area news so that I can bring you the unvarnished
interpretation of the news in the Todcast.

Thanks so much for your patience over the last six years but most of all thanks for reading.

Feel free to join us 6 p.m. each Tuesday for the Happy Hour Todcast at Burley Oak Brewery. If
something tragic keeps you from coming out, you can always check out the resulting recording
Thursday afternoon by subscribing on iTunes. Just type GCFL into the search bar at the iTunes
store to subscribe. We’re now also on the Stitcher app, which smart phone users can download
free using the promo code ‘Todcast’ and have the show streamed directly to their phones. Fair
warning before you listen: Put on your irony hats, kids. It’s all in good clean fun.

Footnote by Todd DeHart

Wait….what? ….  Turns out the the last thing Tony did before leaving the Bayside Gazette  was accidently erase instead of upload this weeks Todcast.   (Cue  trombone  -‘whaa wha whaaaa’) Apologies to our guest Jim Solomon for not getting the air time but we will promote it just the same.  However the silver lining is that there is a uncut raw version of the todcast made available through  This is the uncut version without the audio polishing that the pure listener is accustomed to, but it gets the job done plus you get to see how much our attention  wains as the other is talking.

We will be back next week in full effect, thanks for participating.