Episode 140: The man in the barrel

427298_455584584472336_1716195925_nIn this week’s show we get the opportunity to interview Donnie Landis (pictured right) who’s coming to town this week to perform in the Lone Star Rodeo¬†as part of the Bulls, Broncs, and Barrels tour at the Wicomico Youth and Civic Center. He called in from on the road someplace between here and Idaho, to talk about his craft. The most fascinating bit, for me, was when he said that barrel isn’t always the safest place to be. Apparently, sometimes the bull will stick his horn through the top or bottom and root around for human flesh.

We also get into the difference between being a professional moving target and an entertainer. Donnie is the latter and will bring specialty acts to the show, including a flea circus performer arriving separately on a Greyhound or a greyhound, he wasn’t too specific. Donnie also will bring another kind of animal, but I’m not sure how to spell it. Better listen to his explanation.

Todd and I cover the beauty of Netflix, especially in relation to the lying bastards at Comcast and Verizon, and the new Backstage Pass program at the Globe.

There’s plenty more, including a Todd Man Out preview but that’s why we record it.

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