Episode 136 Go Local and Cyber

On this week’s show Mindie Burgoyne talks Small Business Saturday as well as how small businesses can take advantage of Cyber Monday. Small Business Saturday is the shop local alternative to Black Friday. Todd and I have always been less stuff better stuff proponents, which makes Shop Small Saturday make sense to us. But Mindie opened our eyes to the possibilities of Cyber Monday. 

Amazon doesn’t want to crush small businesses any more than does Google. Small businesses are potentially their lifeblood. Amazon doesn’t really make anything, it only sells things. It requires others to make them. During our Interview Mindie evangelized a bit about small retail turning the corner and getting online. Small retailers learned to survive in a post-Walmart world by providing stuff worth buying. Why not go further and provide it to people who aren’t in your store?

Week in Review

Todd gave us an account of the Ignite Salisbury event, which featured Jessie (tree fort denizen and owner of VisionCreative talking culture change. The Ignite series will hit PAC 14 in Salisbury, we’ll give you the heads up when it does.

Tagging up on Ingite, I pointed out that, except for me, the #whysby is fairly unused as a hashtag. Todd told me all the cool kids are using #DTSBY. Apparently the mayor is partial to “The ‘Bury” because no one has the courage to tell him an ironic term of endearment is no term of endearment at all. Kind of like a couple of years ago when a N.J. governor said “Born to Run” should be a state song.

Quick Hits 

If you’re reading this before Nov. 23, let us recommend for this weekend attending the grand opening of Xtreme Brewing in Laurel, Del.  We’ve written about Xtreme Brewing on GCFL before.

This weekend also is the opening of Winterfest of Lights in Ocean City and we will expect a full report from Todd, since this will be his first time attending.

There’s plenty more, including the Todd Man out, discussion of possible Christmas Creep backlash and the official announcement of our first Welcome Police Handbook entry contest winner.
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