Its the Quiet Tony That is Dangerous

Every week my partner, Tony Russo, and I do our Todcast.  Every week Tony is the driving force behind the recording, editing and posting an article about it.  If I haven’t mentioned it before this is Tony’s baby, I just show up and drink a beer and talk.  I get alot out of it because I find out what hyperlocal news is that matters to, well me.  At least I believe it matters to me cause Tony tells me it does.   He will make a great campaign manager someday.

I’ve learned a lot about Tony in our once weekly sit downs.  One is that this often loud, excitable guy from Jersey is most concerning when he is quiet.  He was very quiet this past week in fact he was absent.  But that is not stop us from doing the todcast, although it comes in a little different form this week.  We do stream live the recording of it every Tuesday at 7ish and you can always catch that live on GCFL.TV.  The great part is you can catch all of the todacst and a few Party Zones Behind the Scenes there as well.

This week is particularly entertaining as Bryan Brushmiller sits in for Tony  and we bring on talented Salisbury artist A_N_D  ( aka Drew if you are having beers with him) He is a Hip Hop artist without a beef, although maybe after this video he will.  Be sure to catch him at the OC Car Show this weekend  and a some time appearence with Alex and Shiloh at Brew River.

So until next time  – we will see you at happy hour


**Sorry, UStream was hacked and sending us bad vibes, so the video stream from this podcast has now been removed**