Dewey Raw Ep 24 “Is Summer over?”

The last two months have been crazy for us over here at GCFL between Running of the Bull, the LLS Gala,  a wedding,  a bachelor party, and a vow renewal that felt like a bachelor party, there were lots of big events.  It would be easy to say that we fit a whole season of activities in the last 60 days.  Now I’ve heard it been said before that once  4th of July is done, its a just a slide till the start of school thus signaling the end of summer.  Fortunately, here at the beach, the kids don’t go back until after labor day.  So we are truly at the midpoint with plenty of sunny days and orange crushes ahead of us, accounting for both vitamins D and C.  

So on this week’s episode, we asked people if they thought summer was winding down or is it just getting started.   No spoilers here but everyone in the biggest little party town thought it’s just getting started, but we did get some interesting perspective on the matter from the folks that work hard to serve hard drinks.   Just to prove that there is plenty of time and summer events left, we were joined by the lovely and bubbly Kellyann Palladino or the Dewey Business Partnership to talk about this week’s cool event of the Budweiser Clydesdales coming to grace the streets of Dewey Beach America. We get details on the DBP with Kelly helping to host as well as we flex our brain muscles with the Sunday tradition at Rex’s Bar and have guest participate in the Hangover IQ test.   

We also flexed our brain muscles with the Sunday tradition at Rex’s Bar and had guest participate in the Hangover IQ test.  We got jokes from bus boys, fun facts from Toastie, worked on Meg Scarano’s fear of cameras, and found out the best spot for bondage in Berlin (Germany) from a Brit.  Take a listen or watch the Hi-jinks but always keep it raw.