Credit Where It Is Due – Todcast

By Tony Russo

When I’m not saying horrible things on the Internet, I’m a newspaper reporter. This is only a marginally important fact. In my capacity as a writer I am expected to get things right. I do not always get things right but I get them right often enough that it is kind of expected of of me.

I say this because Todd DeHart accused me of complimenting the Ocean City Mayor and Council for securing the Dew Tour in the long term. It is rare that someone who is paid to govern deserves a compliment. Just a when I go the extra mile to make sure I’m using the right “Compliment” or the appropriate “affect” when a town government does the extra mile to make sure they’re doing their job it is not praiseworthy.

Todd and Bryan Brushmiller, who joined us for a a longer-than-usual chunk of the show, spoke at length about the Dew Tour. Or they were practicing their Chinese, I wasn’t quite sure.