Stripper Glue

Posted  by Tony Russo
It is my responsibility to edit the Todcast each week, paring it back to something close to 20 minutes. This week’s show, though it is 40 minutes long, had no fat to cut.

Todd DeHart, my cohost, actually brought along a piece of news commentary that needed addressing and the show’s flow would have been significant interrupted by reducing it.

For instance: Todd learned that there is off-brand glue during tax-free shopping week. Not that he bought off-brand glue. This led us to discussing the outrageous price of glitter which, of course, led us to wonder how much strippers spend, annually on glue and weather it is tax deductible.

We also go over the atrocity that is Rodney. Apparently someone told the OC Mayor and Council that people see Rodney and identify him with Ocean City. This was enough to convince them to throw more money at the Rodney company. What the company didn’t know (or at least didn’t say) is that Rodney is repellent to most viewers. I have yet to meet a person who didn’t talk about the horrid-ness of the commercial. When people hear I live near Ocean City it is one of the first things they mention. Seriously.

Being widely known as the home of something repellent isn’t much of a marketing scheme, just ask the Detroit Tourism Department.