The Will to be silly

Todd and I have been podcasting since before it really was a thing. We’ve gone through a bunch of iterations, but nearly every week, for the last four years, we’ve sat down with one another and talked news, events and even marketing strategy. This later was kind of important. Todd and I are impresarios after a fashion when it comes to being professional fun-havers. OK Todd is more of a fun haver, I’m more a a low-level Tom Waits character. The point is, between the pair of us, we get around and have more than a little to say about the art of enjoying oneself at the beach (or bay or in the city).

In this week’s episode, we talk about really committing to being silly in several different ways. Todd hosts the Macky’s theme parties which are build for the completely un-self-aware and the hard core fun seekers. Letting yourself go is an art. Alcohol certainly doesn’t hurt but if your committed to enjoying yourself and throwing off inhibitions, that’s the best place to start; the will to be silly.

Learning to let go of your self-consciousness is something you develop with practice. The trick is to show the nose-looking-downers that you know they think you are being goofy and continue unabated. Pretending to be cool is for teenagers. Having unabashed fun is for grownups. Or people who play them on TV.

For my own part, I got to talk about Froggering—making my way across the Route 50 bridge on assignment. Looking for people fishing. My job made me a fisher of men, but not in the religious sense, more in the get the story done and keep moving sense.

Speaking of pretend video animals and not taking yourself too seriously: We broke down and discussed Pokemon. I wanted more than anything not to get sucked into the frenzy this week, but Todd talked about how id provides people the opportunity to rediscover their towns and neighborhoods. I don’t have any interest in participating, but I’ll stop looking down my own nose at people who do.

Anyway there’s that and a ton more, so take a listen and subscribe.