kristing helf on winter beach writing

Winter Beach Living: Kristin Helf

New editor Kristin Helf talks about her vision for the area’s most popular website and what it is like writing about the beach in the winter.

The week we speak with the woman who ousted Tony Russo as the editor of and things get pretty tense. Of course they don’t. Kristin Helf took on the role as editor when I left a couple weeks ago. She’s settled in nicely and has been producing lots of good stories for one of the largest websites in the region. It can be intimidating having tens of thousands of people look at every comma splice and typo you produce, but it also can be liberating as well. So far, Kristin is handling it like a champ. In this week’s show she speaks about her early challenges and successes as well as what she sees in for the future of the most popular website at the beach.

In addition to running, Kristin will run, which is something of a challenge for her. She likes drinking beer, but writing about it worries her a little bit. Still, she gives us some insight into the ins and outs of getting up to speed on one of the more popular cultural shifts to occur in the last decade.

You can check out her official introduction here:

A short introduction from’s new editor

Hi! My name is Kristin and, as you’ve already garnered, I’m your new editor here at I know this introduction will be a little gratuitous to most of our readers, who come here to find hotel deals, buy discounted gift cards or read the occasional Top-10-List-of-Things-to-Do-in-Ocean-City (or something that sounds a lot like that).