Dewey Raw Ep#5 – “.. To Capitalism”

Doing a Podcast the same day as the Running of the Bull in Dewey Beach Delaware was a great idea, right , right?!?

Well we pulled it off and it was a successful show much like the event its self.  This was the 20th anniversary of running of the bull and it was the biggest and best to date.  It had everything you could imagine but more on that later as we are editing the video highlight together now.

The quick turnaround nature of the podcast allows us to get a peak at what happen right after the bull was slayin in the parking lot by none other that the two guys that played the part of the bull for the better part of a decade.

Todd and Elliot even did a Facebook live report as the event was getting under way.  By the the time it was all said and done the staff at the Starboard were tired but happy and still in great spirits as the cleaned up.  Todd spoke with a couple of the revelers that had been there for 8 hours and no plans of slowing down.

Take a listen the post shenanigans shenanigans.