Happy Hour Todcast

Or as the Chinese Say..

Remember that time you drove to New Jersey to see where “Clerks” was filmed? Or that awesome road trip you took to Austin to see all of those great places represented in “Slacker?” Remember how sad you were when Goobers in Berlin was closed because it meant you could no longer go in an reenact that seminal moment from “The Brooklyn Boys Beat the Best”?

This week we discussed either the short-sightedness or disingenuity that led the powers-that-be to consider making a $200,000 investment in an independent movie, Ping Pong Summer, because of it’s tourism implications.

The number of reasons this would be a good idea are: it is cool, nice and appropriate to support the arts. The rest are bad ideas and, although it took a little doing, I believe I converted Todd DeHart, my co-host, into accepting my point of view.

There’s tons of other stuff on the show this week including how a self-published bored guy got cited in the Daily Times as a hurricane expert and how to make an ass of yourself in Sicily.

Also, Todd gives us a sneak peek of GCFL.com’s coverage of the Firefly festival.