Dewey Ep 37 “Flavor Town”

In this week’s fiery episode of Dewey Raw, we took a little field trip to OCMD to attend Seacrets Bloody Mary competition. It is safe to say Madness took the brunt of this spicy episode! Though we were in a different territory our Delaware gang was well represented. As we dived in head first into to flavor town we came across Pickles SPICIEST Bloody Mary! Being the spicy passionate humans that we are Todd saw a challenge and took straight advantage of it! After saying a little prayer and hoping my insides wouldn’t kill me I madness took a second sample of Pickles Reaper Pepper Bloody Mary. Was it a death wish? Or just determination? Maybe a bit of both. With the commentary and hats off for taking the risk from Brittney and Justin Acita, they explain exactly what ingredients go into the Spiciest Bloody Mary. Safe to say my self-title of spice enthusiast has been taken away from me. Finally returning to a normal state and body temperature we went back down the road to flavor town to talk to a few of our favorite competitors. Bethany Blues was quoted last year on film that they were “in it to win it!” Well, this year those words paid off coming in first place for best overall Bloody Mary and my personal award for best of not tearing up my digestive system their wish came true. Another one of our gangs 99 Sea Level came in with the win for best presentation with a poshe name like 99 Sea Level we wouldn’t expect it any other way. Do I need to even explain who won the Spiciest? Pickles naturally took the trophy for that win! Overall to see so many diverse groups and bloody mary lovers who knew that one of the best hangover cures had such a big following?

As we fast forward to the weekday and we plop down with tums in my hand still, we noticed a little glitch in our work. The term glitch had been used countless times the following week. As always technology has its moments, even when testing new products sometimes mistakes are bound to happen. Cue an *intense sigh* with our heads held low we realized we had to make one of our confession videos. We take pride in our work but we also have to be willing to admit defeat. Hey, mistakes are just natural! With a slight glitch in our footage, we noticed there was an upside we did get some pretty kickass slow-mo footage! Don’t fret readers with these mistakes lead to better redemption episodes! Keep up with us because there is more to come from our shenanigans! Congratulations to all our winners and hats off to all the competitors as always we came we saw we shot it Raw!