Rosen 2012

Although it is only a small part of a Todcast that included an analysis of tweakers and an extended, enjoyable state of the beer, I wanted to write today about why you should support Wendy Rosen for the U.S. House of Representatives.

We rarely get political on the Todcast, but in this case both Todd and I feel compelled to endorse a woman who is easily the dumbest human ever up for election to one of the most notoriously low-brow legislative bodies on the planet. For those of you unfamiliar with Rosen, she recently dropped out of the race in disgrace after it was revealed that she voted in two states during the last two elections — Maryland and Florida. She had friends up for election in both states, you see, and couldn’t decide.

Now I want to be perfectly clear when I tell you that Rosen never had a chance at winning the election. Her campaign was so poorly organized she almost credibly made the argument that the accidentally voted twice. I had the pleasure of dealing with the campaign right after she won the Democratic nomination (with something like 200 votes) and was compelled to ask a Democratic operative I knew about it. This person confirmed Rosen’s candidacy as a train wreck, and this was almost a full year before her resignation.

But the best part is Rosen had to withdraw long after the deadline for resigning, which means her name will be on the ballot in one of the few cases in the history of American politics where a non-dead person can win an election but not be eligible to serve. But history is only one of the reasons why I’m voting for Wendy Rosen.

The other is to highlight a problem only the Republicans have had the courage to identify —voter fraud. How many wealthy, white snowbirds like Rosen will we allow to flaunt their wealth and whiteness using two addresses and the absentee system to skew the vote toward their equally-wealthy white friends in politics? We need to stop snowbird voter fraud and in order to do it we need Wendy Rosen to have a showing this November.