Dewey Raw Ep 39 “Small Talk”

Not many humans in this world enjoy small talk. If you find a human out there who do check them for batteries because there is a chance they are robots! In this weeks episode, we embraced the mother nature yet again with a little bit of rain. Okay maybe more like a monsoon! Rather than being like every other human around us because we are such rare breeds here at GCFL. We decided to skip the small talk and simply ask “how do you handle small talk?” or “How do you start small talk?” and “What is the best line?” with many different stories and many different lines we weren’t entirely able to break down the psychological reason behind small talk, but were able to bring you some clever tips and stories to help even the awkwardest human! I could continue to engage you with small talk and babbling or you could just check it out for yourself! Once again we came we saw we filmed it raw!