Dewey Raw Ep12 “Champagne and Broken Dreams”

This week on Dewey Raw we celebrated the end of summer and Labor Day weekend with a train wreck of a show.  The plan to bring Kara on to add some sanity and direction was a good idea.  Well at least on paper it was, it didn’t help that most the staff was in a festive mood and spent any time they could standing off camera to engage with the already distractible Todd and Elliot.  Kara did her best to recap the big events of summer but once the jello shots came out it was almost impossible to continue with the upcoming events.  Kara gets a gold star for filling in some useful information.

Of course there were some walk up interviews with bartenders and party goers alike, (which included at least one pirate) however we were delighted to play a little Starboard love connection with some fine souls who clearly had some good intended companionship.

As we say goodbye to summer we also say goodbye to staff, some that are near and dear to us at GoodCleanFun, with Smash and Devon moving on to new adventures, we all raise a glass and wish them well.