Dewey Raw Ep 14 “How do you survive a Dewey Wedding”

Tis the season for weddings.  Although The Starboard is better known for the starting of romances and the final hurrah of a bachelors/bachelorette party.  We ask the question what does it take to survive a Dewey Beach Wedding?  Todd talks to people you have met at The Starboard, spends a lot of time with some hot moms that are there for a Bachelorette party and gets some insight from wedding DJ Smoky with some tips for survival.  Here is a hint, make sure you have your “Dewey Sea legs.”

Todd and Elliot discuss every thing from penis paraphernalia for bachelorettes and end up discussing marriage/ and  vasectomies.  BTW Todd reveals the best compliment he’s ever gotten based on the expertise of the complimentor.



Todd DeHart

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