Todcast Episode 131

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Synopsis: In this week’s Tourist Trap segment, we discuss the impossibility of having an “authentic locals experience.” The problem is, the “authentic locals experience” is mostly dominated by finding places the tourists aren’t. If you want to do what the locals do, start with a heavy dose of self-loathing.

As Todd put it: ”¬†An authentic Assateague experience would include stopping and yelling at the tourists looking at the horses.”

Todd’s Two Cents

With the passing of Labor Day and the reduction in the number of tourists out and about, Todd talked about looking forward to getting back out to the beaches and other places usually too busy to attend during the season. He reminded people to keep an eye out for the festivals and to continue to appreciate the good weather.

The State of the Beer

In this week’s State of the Beer we talked about “Sour Trip” Burley Oak’s new Berliner Weisse. As with Champagne, in order for it to be a true Berliner Weisse, it has to be brewed in Berlin. This was not a problem for Burley Oak, Berlin’s (Maryland, but still) only brewery.

Coming n at around 4 percent, ABV, it is crazy sour. In Germany, they serve this beer with syrup. The drinker can add as much or as little syrup as needed to make the sour beer palatable. At Burley, they add this to the beer for you, to save on confusion. The trick is to swirl the beer a bit, because otherwise the Berliner Weisse is too sweet at the end.

Todd Man Out

Bike Week:

Wednesday: Game night at Burley Oak

Friday: Loaded Gun Customs with Cafe Racer XXX;

Saturday: Inlet, Jack Daniels Reliable Churchill Event;

Saturday: Shindig in Baltimore