SOB – Happy Hour Todcast

by Tony Russo

To hear Bryan Brushmiller tell it, there is more to running a brewery than siting round drinking. Being the show sponsor, he does the “State of the Beer” each week where he talks about what’s going on at the brewery, what new beers are coming and what events will be coming up.
Bryan has missed the last several Todcasts and although we did the State of the Beer without him, it was still nice to have the chance to catch up.

We also got some Cheat Codes.

Bryan has an unadvertised beer called “Cougar Juice” that is on tap but only available to those who ask for it and to loyal Todcast listeners (who ask for it).

In addition to the cheat codes, for the first time in Todcast history, Todd is the one who gets wound up over political hypocrisy, which is fun to listen to. Apparently he knows how to be outraged but doesn’t prefer to remain in that state indefinitely.