Happy Hour Todcast – Like a G.Love

So for those of you who are as ignorant as I, there’s a singer called G-Love (pronounced “Gee” “love”) and he’s pretty famous. Since I wasn’t aware of this fact, I spent the better part of the day Monday wondering why Berlin musician Bryan Russo (no relation) was so excited about opening for him. More that being famous (which Bryan totally doesn’t care about) G-Love is apparently one of his major influences.

From my perspective, though, I really though Bryan spent the day trying to drum up business for the show, hipping people to how cool this unknown act was, kind of as a favor to G-Love.

I was wrong.

Also this week, my Home Depot meltdown, why the Dispatch should have all it’s Thesauri taken away and how, precisely hiring a pedophile is bad for business.