Dewey Raw – Ep 17 – “New Years Day Predictions”

Welcome to the party podcast of Dewey Beach. On today’s show we have some interviews some conservations and some New Year’s Day predictions coming to you from The Starboard restaurant.

In this episode we have a couple Bros being basic in onesie animal print jammies, a couple of girls that want to open up a new spot where chickens Eds was but their business plan seems a little flawed. Of course, we got some love connection with Heather and her “savage” boyfriend. We chat with two of the all-stars from running of the bull Kenny G the ref inside the ring also the founder himself and Master of Ceremonies Michael McDonald. We’re not afraid to talk Politics as well as long as it relates to the Rocky movies (for the record we love Sylvester Stallone.) ¬†We get some “fuzzy” interviews with Starboard staff superstars like Smash, Meg Scarano and Benny as well as former employee Devin.

The elephant in the room, of course, is the absence of my little buddy Elliott but who knows maybe he’ll make a guest appearance someday thanks for listening and watching and enjoy and don’t forget to keep it raw