Episode 133 | Belgian Beer Fest

After an introduction (or, rather as part of the introduction) of the new Todcast format, we talked a bit about good versus bad ghost tours. An example of a good ghost tour is any one run by Mindie Burgoyne, as evidenced by her recent interview with Bryan Russo (No Relation).

This led to our discussion of bad ghost tours, around the 5 minute mark and the ties between Carrie Nation and the viral advertisement for Carrie the movie.

The Todman Out roundup included a rundown of the Schell Brothers at the Starboard in Dewy Beach,  Seacrets Halloween Party. Todd also gave an account of the HoeDown at the Atlantic Hotel and a gentle reminder to keep your ears open for the upcoming Gentleman’s Club.

Quick story, I was in Baltimore and, out of the blue, someone told me they love coming to Shell Shocked at Fagers ’cause it’s a chance to get some Burley Oak beer. What are the odds?

This week’s Featured Event was the Belgian Beer Festival, slated for Nov. 9 in Cambridge. You can read my blog about it here.

As for the rest of the highlights, which include an upcoming Fox Hunt (with Burley Oak’s Bryan Brushmiller starring as the Fox) and the Starboard’s Closing Party check out the GCFL events calendar.

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