Some Love for Snow Hill – Todcast

I returned this week to covering the County Commissioners, which isn’t as thrilling as it sounds, but the upside was that I got to spend the day in Snow Hill, which I haven’t done in more than a year.

The worst part about covering the county is having to go through the TSA-style search at the door. It isn’t just that I find the process offensive — although I certainly do — but also that it is demonstrably pointless. The only people who benefit from the two sheriffs protecting the government building from a would-be terrorist are sheriffs themselves and anyone they owe money to.

Forgive the rant but the last time I wrote something nasty about the waste of money the search is,  the Sheriffs stopped making me go through the metal detector, which is a real time saver.

My co-host Todd DeHart and I tend to spend most of our time talking about how great Berlin is so we kind of gave the show over to a little bit of a Snow Hill lovefest (minus the comments about the County Commissioners that are totally deleted from the download).

Speaking with Phil Cropper he hipped me to all sorts of changes going on in the County Seat culturally and frankly, it was a little surprising how well they do down there. I was speaking with him and then of him because he’s opening a gourmet shop next to his successful restaurant, The Palette, and I was getting a preview (See Page 15 of this weeks edition of the Bayside Gazette).

Apparently Snow Hill gets packed for their First Friday event (which is like Berlin’s 2nd Friday, except in Snow Hill) and the restaurants, shops and galleries make a huge deal out of it.

If you haven’t been it is certainly at least worth the trip.

We turned, though, back to Berlin to talk about the Jazz and Blues Bash taking place this weekend. Zach, the blonde behind the bar at Burley Oak, pinch hit for Bryan Brushmiller during the State of the Beer and said that the Berlin Chamber of Commerce would have Rude Boy on tap for the event, which is excellent news as it is my favorite of their beers.

A brief public service announcement from personal experience: Be careful with Rude Boy because it will totally sneak up on you if you aren’t careful. Beyond that have a great time this weekend, I always do.