Smokescreen – Happy Hour Todcast

by Tony Russo

I may have quit smoking tobacco. I say “may” because quitting is always dicey. If I have quit, though, it’s because I adopted electronic cigarettes which are essentially nicotine inhalers.

The anti-smoking people hate these things. They say they might not be any better than cigarettes they talk about inhaling carcinogens and generally about the unknown qualities of the e-cigarettes. Maybe they’re right but they come off as prohibitionists and a little whacky.

The facts about e-cigarettes are as follows:

They could very well be unhealthy for people. Hell, lets say they are unhealthy for people.

I no longer expectorate black, just days after starting them. They make regular cigarettes taste disgusting.

Oh, and all of a sudden I can breathe. Point is, I’m taking my chances with them because they are experientially less dangerous than cigarettes. Plus, if they give you a different kind of cancer, I’m just getting to work on developing that now, rather than cultivating the cigarette cancer I’ve been working on for two decades.

We go over this and more on the Todcast this week, including why Brett Michaels is, demonstrably, a scumbag, whether Chief DiPino can really be police chief for snowbirds and how they mayors race is shaping up in Berlin.