Episode 16 “Career day and a Farewell to Elliot”

As the closing weekend at the Starboard is wrapping up, the staff is making plans for the future. Some are taking new jobs, some are getting ready for travel, and still others are looking for new starts all together.  Carly is looking forward to starting a new job with a real estate outfit in Virginia but that of course doesn’t stop her from considering all her options and  Nicole divulges her plans to open a Wiener Shack across from the Starboard.

We have a couple of walk up interviews with some regulars including Kristine is a fellow Lifestyle Blogger, as well as  Jen and RT with a little shout out to the Muscara Family who had to miss closing weekend for a family wedding.

But perhaps the most notable event is the departure of my co-host and lil buddy Elliot who has decided to head cross country to California with no immediate plans to return.  (Lets face it thou hell be back at some point).  Although having Elliot on the show has at times made it more difficult to “heard the cats”  there is no doubt of his entertainment value or self love.  We wish him all the best and hope to see him on the other side.