Dewey Raw Ep 36 “Where do you wanna see Madness?”

They say April showers bring May flowers in reality we hope cold winters bring us warm summers. As the citizens of Dewey continue with another week of cold spring days we decided to give people a little dose of summer. In this weeks episode of Dewey Raw we decided to introduce a little idea that we mustered up called “Madness on the Street!” A little spin off from our previous segments of “Intern Madness.” With obscured ideas and the help of a classic mimosa Todd and Maddie took on the Starboard staff to ask “Where do you wanna see Madness?” Did I mention there were some obscured ideas? With the mindset of doing anything for the job and a clear line drawn in the sand we were able to take a few ideas and add them to our drawing board. Whether you want to see Madness fly in the air, screaming trivia questions or partnering up to fight crime it is truly up to you viewers and readers to decided. *Standby for our polling attempts*

Taking a break from our creative brainstorming, we joined manger Meg Laird in a discussion of time travel and what is next to come this season at Starboard. The realization that Memorial Day weekend is approaching we discussed what can hype us up for the long awaited holiday weekend? Three words: Cinco de Mayo! Oh it gets better because Cinco de Mayo also happens to be on the same day as Starboards annual Derby Day! I don’t think I can’t stress enough how amazing this combo can be! Reflecting on these future events it was only natural to bring up the Starboards most famous event…Running of the Bulls! Remember folks we can never deny an excuse to party but here in Dewey and at GCFL we party with a purpose! Not only is Running of the Bulls a famous event it is also a charitable event! So just remember donate so you can make up for your sins! With that humble reminder we turn off our party mode and dive right into some good family fun! The amount of stories I have heard through my lifetime regarding how many couples meet in Dewey Beach is more than what is currently in my bank account! And with that we meet a happily newly married duo who share and reflect on what they love about Dewey Beach and living down here! As always being the reporters that we are we also clue them in on current events! As always we came we saw and we filmed it raw.