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Apple horror: Patty Gregorio

The weather wasn’t just unkind to people, phones had a tough go of it as well and, as the area’s only Certified Apple tech, Todcast Tech Correspondent Patty Gregorio has had a couple of busy days. Add to that the word that Apple was offering battery replacements at cut rates on certain phones and it was a miracle she was able to join us at all. On the upside, there was beer. On the downside, I didn’t get any. I’m on the wagon for January (except in the case of emergencies) as a weight loss measure as well as as a liver preservation measure.

In this week’s show we go over all of that and more (including the super-secret app that lets you check whether your iPhone needs a battery upgrade).

OK it isn’t a secret, Patty says it’s Lirum Device Info Lite. Google it and you’ll be happy.