Episode 132

Synopsis: (BLOG) The thing about customs, is, they’re not just arbitrary rules, they are things that have worked the best for the people who have lived there the longest. In this week’s Todcast, among other things, we take a look at the culture of following customs.

Also, tagging up on last week’s show:¬†How do you know they’re locals? Even if you’re traveling abroad, unless people have regional costumes they wear separating the locals from the tourists, is more difficult than you might think.

Todd’s Two Cents

Getting permission to take photos of locals (or of tourists) can be fun-prohibitive. Although prevailing wisdom says to ask, there is no documentarian aspect to a posed photo. Final verdict? Snap away but don’t be a jerk about it.

Unfortunate rant:

This week there was a shooting in Salisbury. Practically, it was one useless S.O.B. shooting another. According to the police report (and therefor the Daily Times) being shot automatically makes you a hero.

My research suggests murder was unfortunate but not, really, given the people killed, a tragedy.

Police Beat: Circa 1650

A drunken orgy gone awry or potentially wife swapping: You be the judge.


Imagine Dragons at Merriweather

Fiddler’s Convention



Golden Sex Panther: