Episode 145: Fancier Pantsier

In this week’s Todcast Todd reports on his regional travels including the Frozen Harbor Music Festival (formerly Pirate Rob’s Birthday Party) and joining the Blue Agave Bottle Club. Of the first, there’s not much that can be said that hasn’t already, so more on the second:

When Todd said he’d joined a bottle club, it confused me just a little bit. As I understood it, bottle clubs were for places where liquor was illegal. In dry towns, or so I’ve heard tell, a person in the bottle club could go into a BYOB place, order a $5 coke and say, I’m drinking from Bob’s bottle. This was code for vodka. Apparently, Bob left his bottle of vodka for all his friends to drink from, just as Ed had left his whiskey, Joe his scotch, and so on.

croquet 2012 01Given that Maryland was not dry and that Baltimore wasn’t even really dry during Prohibition, it seemed an odd practice.

As it turns out, it sort of is a combination of the two. As a bottle club participant, you purchase a bottle but leave it there. Every time you come back, it’s waiting for you. The folks at GCFL, put an additional spin on it, purchasing the bottle as a guerrilla-marketing device. If you’re headed to Baltimore and to the Blue Agave, reach out to GCFL. They’ll buy you a drink from their bottle of tequila, if you’ll Instragram yourself drinking it. There are passwords and secret handshakes and what-not involved, so make sure to reach out to them before you go.

Todd and Natalee also had primo diggs at the Four Seasons where Todd encountered men at the bar at midnight who were still buttoned up–tie, vest, the works. We talked about the reason: They weren’t finishing their evening, they were just getting started. Of all the glimpses into how the other-half lives, this might have been the toughest. My days of going out at midnight have come and gone. My days of going out at midnight in black tie never arrived.

I spoke at some length about having been secretaried–a word I couned for an experience we’ve all had–which send me on a bit of a feminist anti-woman rant. You’ll have to listen to the show for greater clarification. Or wait for my blog on the matter…

Todd gave a GCFL calendar rundown that included Haley Town at the Globe and a Chick Habit CD release party at Burley. Take a listen:


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