I Knew a Girl Named Nikki – Happy Hour Todcast

I think Tony is mad at me, the Todcast is after all Tony’s baby and although it is my name sake and I often make claims of bringing “production value” without delivering.  I’m pretty sure that after posting this weeks Podcast Tony may either disown me, which he has no ownership of , or demand a raise  (he doesn’t get paid at all for this) because the quality of recording and editing is awful.

I did my best to replace the hate with none other than Nikki, General Manager-ish of The Burley Oak Brewery.  We actually get some insight into what has made her a snarky ball buster behind the bar.  We get an update from the rare wood festival that you may have missed last weekend.

Not having Tony read me the news this week I settle for Nikki’s news observations.   As if channeling a bit of Tony, Nikki chooses the Bayside Gazette over the Dispatch as her preferred local news source.  However as opposed to beating up on the editorial choices or glaring mistakes, Nikki’s preference rest solely on her hatred of nature photos, and maybe hatred of animals altogether, the Dispatch using nature photos to pander thier paper did not sit well with at least one reader.  Although in Nikki’s defense we didn’t get past the first page of either Paper.

A big Thank you to Nikki for sitting in for Tony, and a big Please come back to my Once a week friend Tony.  We’ll see you next week at Happy Hour.