Season Two of The Todcast

By Tony Russo

Todd DeHart, my co-host, likes to joke that doing the weekly Todcast is the most regularly he’s participated in a project since he left high school. Because Todd didn’t realize how committed he’d be to the project and I have the organizational skills of a stoned 3-year-old, we haven’t been keeping track of how long the Todcast has been produced.

When we started the show, it was “Berlin Banter” and it was at the Berlin Coffee House. That was January, (something) 2011. Since whatever date that was we’ve produced a show each week, even though sometimes I’ve missed or sometimes Todd has.

I switched jobs recently, forcing the show to be moved back an hour-and-a-half. Nothing much else has changed but Todd figured he’d used the opportunity (and the fact that he’d been doing the show for 17 months) to start marking time.

As a result we are happy to announce that the Todcast has entered its second season. And, because we are lucky, I entered it with plenty of hate. Because I no longer have to cover Ocean Pines, it is a little easier to tolerate reading about it so it was with pleasure that we discussed the dog park and how ill-prepared the OPA was to actually open it, given that they’ve only had 18-or-so months to buy the fence.

Todd’s taxes are going up, which is fun because my wife is a teacher. According to local papers, she’ll get a 2.5(ish) percent raise. It’s about $100 per month so we’ve already purchased that Beemer we had our eyes on and are finally going to take that trip to Tokyo we’ve been putting off.

Finally, we (who am I kidding I) got a little hot under the collar at Stevenson Church whining about the restaurant next store wanting to serve their customers outside because they are afraid (among other things) that it will cause members of the AA group that meets there to relapse.

With dens of debauchery like the Globe and the Atlantic Hotel less than 100 yards away THIS is their concern. Jeez, crazy religious people, you’re not even trying any more.

Fun fact: Did you know that illegal immigrants pay more in taxes than all of the churches in the country combined?