GCFL screen shot

Episode 150: Picture in Picture

GCFL screen shot

As Todd and I continue to find our feet on the Google Hangout aspect of the Todcast, we’re trying to keep viewers interested by throwing up photos of our escapades. In the coming week’s we hope to invite you to join us live. Meanwhile, we’ll be posting our show photos each week over at the GCFL Google+ site for people who are interested in getting a sneak preview and for those who listen rather than watch to see what the hell we’re talking about.

In this week’s Todcast we covered the Bluegrass Festival at Fagers, including Ozzy’s Cease and Desist on Brewer’s Art. We also got an inside look at Blacksmith restaurant, in the former Carriage House building in Berlin. They have Scotch eggs. If you know what that means, you know they’re a treat. If you don’t, just go back and click on the link.

Eastern Shore Comic Con is coming up this week. It’s run well and enthusiastically by the PLB comics guys, among others. With any luck either Todd or I (or both) will make it down and have heavily cleavaged photos for you next week.

Finally, we took a live tour of the GCFL site, which, if you’ve gotten this far in the post, you’ve probably already had.

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