Happy Hour Todcast

Tony normally writes the post to go with the todcast, but this week was his birthday.  As we all know he loves to hear himself talk so editing the todcast was not a problem.  However taking the time to write the post may have interfered with his drinking fancy cocktails with his collection of swizzle sticks.  Well I guess every one deserves a break every now and again.

This week we have a new segment called the big picture.  It comes just in time for the “surprise” Berlin election. It turns out the you do have to vote in an uncontested Mayoral race when the Fire Department is pissed off enough to launch a sneak attack Write- In campaign.  By the time we wrapped the show we received the news that democracy was served and the majority was heard.  Tony talks about the big picture of small town politics and this near pitfall that may have been avoided.

We had a guest this week as well.  Ian Tillman who is a Production Assistant on the feature film Ping Pong Summer that is being filmed year in Tony’s favorite city, Ocean City.  Getting some insight into the behind the scenes is great coming from a local and someone who has been to film school.  Take a listen as we mostly make jokes about adult films.

Take a listen and don’t forget to join us each week at happy hour