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Apple horror: Patty Gregorio

The weather wasn’t just unkind to people, phones had a tough go of it as well and, as the area’s only Certified Apple tech, Todcast Tech Correspondent Patty Gregorio has had a couple of busy days. Add to that the word that Apple was offering battery replacements at cut rates on certain phones and it was a miracle she was …

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Celebrating Christmas Eve Italian-American style at Mio Fratello

Christmas Eve will find Italian-American families all over the country sitting down to enjoy one of the more enduring, though impenetrable traditions in their culture: the Feast of the Seven Fishes. It is a cultural as well as a culinary practice likely created by homesick immigrants in the late 19th or early 20th century as a model on “La Vigilia,” …

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What if Ocean City went upscale?

This week, Todd and Tony talk about the growing number of “better” restaurants in Ocean City and what it would take for Ocean City to support itself as an upscale resort. They also talk about all the attention Dogfish Head is getting, the pleasures of hosting catered parties and Tony’s departure from

Joe Reinhart, Ocean Pines and the cold, cold winter

On this week’s show we’re joined by surprise guest, Joe Reinhart. Not only did we surprise Joe by having him on, but he surprised us by being there. He was just coming to hang out during the show, but our bar correspondent got hung up so Joe stepped up. We talk about Joe’s migration to the beach, his career at …

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Episode 264: Beach Brewing

Mat Shockley and Nate Todd brew bear on the Boardwalk. People pay them to do this. It seems as if it might be a little unfair. Hearing these guys talk about how much they love brewing and working at the beach is only part of the reason to check this episode out. One of the really interesting points they brought …

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Episode 262 Jon Conley Full Cars and Empty Beaches

This week We’re joined by Uncle Jon Conley, our beard correspondent and creator of Uncle Jon’s Soaps, to talk about the anger the comes with Ocean City car events, some great fall outings and how to be a shoulder season tourist. Remember you can subscribe to the show on iTunes or Google Play.

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Episode 261 Jack Schachter, pouring beer and buying local

This week beer correspondent Jack Schacter joins Todd and Tony to talk about how the seasonal slowdown is a great time to get back out and about around the beach and take advantage of the dwindling crowds. Of course, the crowds aren’t as reduced as they’ve been in the past since more people live locally and make sure to get …

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God Bless good booze

Although alcohol doesn’t tend to make people want to follow rules, it does somehow make people want to create them. As a culture, we kind of foment this attitude about the correct way to enjoy alcohol and derive norms and then etiquette from these practices. That’s the first step. The second step is when and to what degree we can thumb …

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The Will to be silly

Todd and I have been podcasting since before it really was a thing. We’ve gone through a bunch of iterations, but nearly every week, for the last four years, we’ve sat down with one another and talked news, events and even marketing strategy. This later was kind of important. Todd and I are impresarios after a fashion when it comes to being …

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