Guilty Pleasures

There is no doubt that there is a large contingency of Pennsylvanians that descend on the beach every year and there are just as many of them who come down here to settle.  I’m not sure why, but I have my theories.  Land locked PA longs for the beach that is so close yet so far. The most direct route would be to go to New Jersey but who really wants to pay to go to the beach.  Its true that in our sister city of Ocean City New Jersey you have to pay, probably to pay for all of the clean up of the hypodermic needles fro past beach disasters.

So while it is sometime begrudgingly that we accept our neighbors to the north on our sandy shores, lets not let a few bad apples (drivers) spoil the bunch.  There are actually some pretty cool people that have made this place their home (some of our best friends hail from PA).  Everyone loves and needs a hometown tavern.  Buxy’s Salty Dog Saloon on 28th Street is that place for all things Ocean City MD with a Pittsburgh influence.   Don’t let the black and yellow scare you, the bartenders are friendly, the beer is cold, the food is great, and the entertainment is world class.

Entertainment at Buxy’s regularly features Ocean City favorites, like The Electric Co, and Baltimore proud, Bond and Bentley, and  of course the Sunday “Locals Party” is second to none with DJ BK.  So it was with great pleasure that I took the Party Host Position on Wednesdays  Nights.   Buxy’s is serving  $6  pitchers of beer and $.25 cent wings, it seems like a guilty pleasure that can not be passed up, and for the night I will be playing all your “Guilty Pleasure” songs.   Even bring your Ipod or let me at your phone and I will find your “guilty pleasure”, and give you a prize/round  for your embarrassment.   Wednesdays In Ocean City will Never be the same.