Thrash and Jam Goes Off Without a Hitch | Ocean Pines

Jim Solomon of Swirled World Skate shop is keeping the local skate scene well feed from the bottom up.  When his son asked if he would throw a party at his dads shop so that his band could play, Jim had an even better idea.  He decided to host it at the Skatepark, invite other young bands to come and play and have an all day skate session.  Jim, who has had a couple successful pro demos at the Ocean Pines Park, got the proper approvals from park officials, and worked the proper channels for promoting the Thrash and Jam, this past saturday.  So often there is not much for under age kids to do when it comes to playing , promoting , and listening to live music.  Pairing it up with an all day free skate is beautiful in its simplicity and flawless in its execution.  Thanks Jim can’t wait for the next one.

Skate Pictures by Nick Denny