Episode 1: Patience | Good Clean Quarantine Recovery

Over the years I have drank a lot of beer, filmed a lot of stuff, and had a lot of conversations with Bryan of Burley Oak.  We have both watched our kids and business grow in our cool small town of Berlin MD.  It’s fair to say that we could have never imagined the current scenario (although we have had late-night conversations about a zombie apocalypse.)  However, we have done our best to adapt, for us at GCFL that meant making content for us that may entertain folks stuck at home, for Burley that meant focusing more on direct to consumer production for curbside service.  During one of our conversations, we decided to start a little project to document our process of the other side of this crisis.

The Idea is basically to invite viewers to come along for “the ride” by showcasing people and businesses in the town and surrounding area of Berlin Maryland, as they recover from the current challenges.  In this first episode, we talk about the virtue of patience as it relates to this project, reopening, and young Natalies baked goods to be sold at the Berlin Farmers Market. 

This is a Berlin Partnership with Burley Oak Brewing Company and GCFL Productions.