Working Together | Good Clean Quarantine

Many people are now in a situation that they never expected to be in and never took time to prepare for.  Sure you date, you get married and you start your life together.  You both have your independent careers which for the majority of people means you spend a very large portion of your time away from each other commuting and working at different locations.  Now without warning, that majority of the population are now forced to shelter in place and or work from home alongside their significant other. 

This has been on our minds recently and thought we would offer a little insight into what it’s like.  In the last six years, we have worked side by side with our business.  We have always practiced a fair balance of what we refer to as “you time, me time, we time”   in normal circumstances that would mean girls night, guys night & family time.  We workout at different gyms and occasionally have a solo work trip out of town separately.  However, these are not normal times and social distancing in your own house is also important.  It’s good to have a space in your home that can be your sanctuary, I have my little shop Nat gets the living room, and even the kids have spaces that are their own.  Having patience and respect of your partners, “me time” is the first best way to not drive each other up a wall. 

Secondly when you are together don’t forget to get physical.  While we are socially isolating from everyone else we are missing those high fives, pats on the back, hugs and handshakes from everyone else.  Absent that physical contact from the outside world, which can be difficult for the human psyche, make sure you are doubling your dose with the family unit you are quarantining with. 

Lastly, Nat has some suggestions for limiting screen time which is just good in general and a little teaser for her next cooking video.  Anyway, thanks for watching.  be good, do good, and we will see you next time.