Good Clean Quarantine Start a Podcast

Get Creative!
Yesterday was kinda a down day for Todd but today I’m back at it. I’m feeling creative and inspired to come up with new ideas, just like we had to 11 years ago when we first started. It was while we were just getting our feet wet blogging when Tony Russo asked if I wanted to be a guest on his podcast. We’ve been at it with some decent regularity for the better part of the decade. So Maybe now is time to start recording the podcast that you have always wanted to try. We’ll support you if you do.
Please think about supporting all the creators in your life and it’s as easy as giving them a like share or follow on all their platforms. We have signed up for a Patreon page just to have one and we are open on suggestions of what people like to see.
Also, sorry none of Nats cooking in this one.