“I Wish I Had an Eggroll” | Good Clean Quarantine

On this installment of Good Clean Quarantine, I decide to try something new in the kitchen. I have no makeup on, and it seems Todd decided to do some close ups, so just wanted to warn you.
Cooking is continuing to keep me sane as well as feeding the family. Took a childhood favorite and made egg rolls out of them and see what the kids think. Chicken Divan was one of my favorites to have for dinner when I was a kid, and our kids love it too. We have a lot of broccoli and chicken so thought that could be a good combo for the egg rolls. As you can see I don’t have much of a method to my madness, but its falls into the creativity category in the kitchen.
The kitchen is a great place to let your creativity flow! If you find yourself with some random ingredients, go for it and see what comes out of it. It can be fun for the whole family!
… SPOILER ALERT: there were only 2 left after dinner.