Whats Next – The Freeman Stage Reveal

This week The Freeman Stage hosted part one of their reveal of the acts that will be performing for the 12th season at The Stage.  Over the last couple years, we have had an expanding role being involved and hope that continues for this season as well.  Having done a couple of videos in the offseason and creating of the reveal video was definitely a thrill and a bit nerve-racking.  

This first event is for sponsors of the stage to get a picture of the majority of the acts performing.  On March 26th at Dogfish Head in Rehoboth, they will be having a second event to release to the community more of the national acts that will be coming to Selbyville DE.  When I talked with Michelle she did seem to tease that some big acts are going to be announced.  So we will see, till then check out our day finding out what’s next at the Freeman stage.

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